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happy? part 3. you've got some explaining To Do!

from demonstrate (from where to Now: volume 2) by in giro



The LOUDEST + the Realization station:
oh yeah?

a dim Light:
oh no! ... but how?

The LOUDEST + the Realization station:
oh yeah?!

~answers vs. questions~
a dim Light:
think you found the answers now bring on the questions!

the Soapettes:
who loves everyone? who?
who loves everyone? who?!

a dim Light:
there are so many ways
to your “light”, to your “truth”
but i slip on the rays
trying to keep score in my head
and how can we leave things
as they are?
and how can you say
that you see with closed eyes?

the Realization station:
it's not so much the truth as letting go
it's alright if you can't go back on your fight
but it doesn't matter now
if she could or if he can't
they're metas to the facts
only wanting to see beyond that
is your mat

the Soapettes:
who loves everyone? who?!

a dim Light:
i may be stuck in my head
and wanna play the safe part
but with so much suffering
there are so many fires to spark
unless i think just like you
that it's all from our past
but why should i be blind
to the problems of this time?

~fearful vs. joyful~
the Realization station:
forget about the past and what you know
“all bets are off” and “it's all a joke”
but can you stop ....

the Realization station + a dim Light:
i'm fearful and joyful

the Realization station:


from demonstrate (from where to Now: volume 2), released March 14, 2016

vocals: Catherine Fail / Wayne DePrince Jr.
drums: David Anthony Parker davidanthonyparker.org
bass + guitar + keyboard: Wayne DePrince Jr.

music + lyrics: Wayne DePrince Jr.
production: in giro
mixing + mastering: Richard Wielgosz richwielgosz.com @Astronomy Studios, New York Mills, NY, USA
studio: Landfair Studios, South Philly, PA, USA
artwork + photos: Catherine Fail
cover photo: Justin DePrince

homemade using free+libre software:
Ardour ardour.org
GNU+Linux getgnulinux.org

this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0) creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/






in giro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

on the move, in motion, out and about: that's “in giro”, and that we are. we pick up things in our travels, pluck them from limbs, absorb or excavate or simply remember them, and during layovers we stitch these together and sing. being in giro is being with change, and ever-seeking we make music that ever-seeks. ... more

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